A little about the adventurer

On New Year's Day 2014 I awoke in a bit of a drunken stupor and decided that it would be a great idea  to commit myself to completing twelve challenges throughout the year in order to raise money for two charities. (If you're interested you can read a little about that sensible decision here). In my highly intoxicated state of mind, I also convinced myself to set up a blog to document the adventures and mishaps along the way.

Whilst the blog was initially meant to document the challenges, it has evolved into a place where I post whatever is on my mind at that moment in time. In that respect, it's a little difficult to pin my blog into most of the usual niches. It's definitely not a fashion or beauty blog as most of the photographs of me that you will find around these parts involve sweat, mud and me looking a little, erm, dishevelled, for want of a better word.

It has been described by some as a health/fitness blog but it doesn't entirely fit in well there either as I mainly just blog about my spectacular lack of preparation for the challenges and about forgetting to put on my gym trousers. Let me be very clear that if you're here looking for healthy eating or workout information you're definitely in the wrong place. Now can you pass me the Nutella on your way out? Thanks.

The blog might best be described as a lifestyle blog although the lifestyle that I'm documenting is a rather bizarre one.

My best description of the blog would be that it's an adventure blog with a side of (attempted) laughter. I like that. 

And me? I'm a twenty something Scottish girl who gets bored very easily, hence the adventures. I'm trying to get my kicks in the everyday things, in my own city and my own country mainly. I'm always trying too hard to be funny. I succeed sometimes. I think. I hope. 

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