Saturday, 31 December 2016


I haven't written here since March. 2016 has pretty much entirely passed by without me writing so much as a sentence in this space. However, it's New Year's Eve, this blog turns three tomorrow and I thought it might be good (for me) to reflect upon some of what has gone on in 2016.

It's been a strange year with many, many strains and frustrations but also many wonderful moments and opportunities that perhaps I tend to gloss over when I'm thinking about how this year has been.

In February I moved home to Dundee to live with my parents. Whilst it's never easy to return to your hometown with your tail between your legs, it has allowed me the financial freedom to achieve some other pretty significant things this year and it's also meant that Ryan and I have been able to develop a strong bond with my parents through living in such close quarters for nearly a year.

In April I hosted my hen do and had all of the lovely ladies in my life together in one space. There's nothing that can quite prepare you for how excellent it feels to have everyone you love coming together like that and it's a memory I will treasure forever.

Even more wonderful than my hen do was that on the 23rd July 2016 I married the love of my life.  The months preceding that day were spent in a state of financial anxiety, panic about ill fitting kilts and dead flowers, and concern that we would be terrible hosts but when it finally arrived everything went exactly as planned.

Weddings are funny things. The cost and the pressure to please everyone is so intense that the build up is as far from romantic as it could possibly be. It's all stress about money, deadlines and familial obligations but then, all of that dissipates when you get to the day and all you feel is an overwhelmingly warm love that extends far beyond just the two of you. All of your friends and family are in one room together, celebrating you both and sending you all their best wishes for your future. People take time out of their day to send you well wishes by text or on Facebook. They bless you with generous gifts and they write sweet messages in cards. Everybody wants to hug you and congratulate you. You see that people are happy for you and that, in turn, makes you happy. It's the best thing ever and worth every last moment of stress in the build up.

Sorry that the photos have little marks at the side, they are just screenshots because I'm writing this in a rush. All of our photos were by Steven Gallagher. I highly recommend checking him out if you're getting married.

And then of course, you get to go on honeymoon. We decided to split the honeymoon into two because Ryan is self employed and we didn't want to take too much time off. We decided on Madrid immediately after the wedding and Iceland in December. I'd like to tell you that honeymoons are all about the romance but I spent mine with a stinking head cold and a UTI that would not shift so that put a bit of a dampener on any shenanigans. Despite illness (Ryan was ill when we went to Iceland too!) both honeymoons were excellent and I highly recommend visiting both places.

 The view from our hotel in Madrid. 

Reykjavik from Hallgrimskirkja.

Career wise, I started a new job in October. Yes, another one! I know! It's been great so far and I'm looking forward to really getting my teeth into it in the new year. As an aside, I was lucky enough to travel to London in November with work and use that opportunity to catch up with two of my best friends who live down there. 2016 has really been a year where I've managed to spend a lot of time with friends and that's something that I will definitely carry forward into the future.

Then in December I got to see my niece get married to her childhood sweetheart. It was another really great day, filled with so much joy.

So, in short, despite any of my moaning to the contrary, 2016 has been kind of fabulous and I'd like to thank anyone who contributed to that in any way. To my new husband, to my parents and in-laws, to all of my wonderful friends and family and to everyone who sent us well wishes and cards, thank you so very, very much. In a year where we really needed it, you have filled our lives with love and joy. I wish you all the very best for 2017 and beyond.