Sunday, 17 January 2016

2016 plans

Admittedly it's a little bit late for resolutions but regardless, I like to start the year off with a little list of the things I hope to write about on the blog over the course of the coming twelve months. It is, after all, the way in which this blog began and even as the views plateau and my motivation to write wanes, I'm reluctant to abandon this little space completely because it provides me with some focus and encourages me to get out there and do some exploring. The reason for setting this all out in a post at the beginning of the year is that it gives me a sense of accountability. It encourages me to adhere to the goals I've set myself and is there to remind me of them when I stumble or falter along the way.

2015 was a tough one for the blog because once the structure of the monthly challenges of 2014 was gone, I was never really quite sure what to write about. I've tried a variety of posts and I think it's clear that I'm better at writing posts about actually doing things, than I am at the more general, introspective posts that I enjoy reading so much on other blogs. 2015 was a strange year personally too so the lack of structure in my work life impacted my ability to get out adventuring. When you're working six days a week, or your days off are split up then it's quite difficult to motivate yourself to do anything other than sleep on days off.

This year, hopefully my work life will be a little bit more settled, and combined with the realisation of what I like to write about I've decided that I'll take the blog back to basics. The posts probably won't be very frequent, I'll aim for probably one a month at least. This is because I want to write about things I've been exploring or taking part in rather than giving you general updates.

The one thing that I'm really keen to do is make the most of my weekends and explore Scotland a little bit more so you can expect to see a lot of that over the coming year. I've already scheduled a Munro climb in April with my wee climbing pal Andrea and we're hoping to climb another in the summer also. I've always wanted to visit Orkney so I'm going to make an effort to finally make the journey up there this year.

As we're moving away from Edinburgh at the end of this month, there will be less of that featured on the blog but I'll endeavour to get out and about exploring the area of Tayside and Angus, which is where I'll be living for the foreseeable future.

For Christmas, Ryan gave me an IOU voucher for a trip to Iceland so we'll be booking that at some point during the year, although we're trying to figure out the best time to go so am unsure exactly when that will be. We also have a honeymoon to plan and I've got a couple of ideas for that too.

Activity wise, I've signed up for a 10k in February and a half marathon in May so I'll be documenting that on the blog and I'm keeping my eyes peeled for anything else that I can get involved in. As ever, if there's anything that you'd particularly like to read about on the blog then feel free to offer up the suggestion and I'll do my best to incorporate it.

Outside of the blog, my main aims for this year are to try and broaden my horizons somewhat by reading some more non-fiction and learning a second language. As we're thinking about a trip to Spain for honeymoon I've decided to sign up for a beginners' Spanish class. If anyone speaks Spanish and wants to help me progress then please drop me a message! I find that the problem in learning a language is definitely the lack of opportunity to practice. For years, I've been at an awkward stage with my Italian where I know quite a bit, but don't have any opportunity to put it into practice so that when I'm actually confronted with the chance to use it, I panic and can't make the most of it.

So, there are potentially lots of adventures to be written about in 2016. I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank those of you who have been reading over the last two years. I've had a blast writing about my small adventures and hopefully I can bring you some interesting stories throughout this year.