Saturday, 5 December 2015

You want prints? He'll give it ya.

Today's post is a little different from most others in that it isn't actually about me. Shock horror.

Well....I am going to start off by talking about me just a little bit because today I was at the Xmas Fair at the Out of the Blue, Drill Hall in Edinburgh in order to help Ryan sell some of his prints. The fair was good, with a wide selection of crafty stuff and there were lots of people out supporting their local businesses. This, combined with the fact that it is Small Business Saturday made me think that I should share with you a little bit about what Ryan does.

This year has been, to understate it somewhat, a bit of a whirlwind for him. This was partly because earlier in the year, he took the plunge and started his own design agency. You can peruse most of his work at and if you have any design needs then you can contact him on to discuss a bit further. All of his work is wonderful, but my favourite is the design that he did for this wee blog. Often when people talk to me about my blog they start off by saying that the design is their favourite bit. I'm not bitter about it all. (WHAT ABOUT THE WRITING EH? OR THE PHOTOS? OR ANYTHING THAT I DO? TRAITORS) 

In addition to being a super hero designer who has saved this blog from my terrible HTML skills, he has also designed a range of animal prints, which all the cool kids are hanging on their walls. They are digitally printed on 260gsm uncoated iPrint stock, which Ryan assures me is good stuff. Trust me, he should know because his favourite part of the week is when the paper man comes to visit and it wasn't that long ago that he dragged me to a paper exhibition. I can tell now that you're all jealous of my rock and roll lifestyle as a graphic designer WAG.

Ryan's prints would make a great addition to your Christmas gift list if you know any animal (or paper) lovers. Otherwise, they are great gifts for children as they look great on a nursery wall. In the spirit of Small Business Saturday, if you'd like to support a new, Scottish designer and also, you know, fund my wedding, then you can buy the prints online here.

N.B This post is not technically sponsored by Ryan Strachan but he did promise he'd do the dishes all week if I gave him a shout out so you can make your own judgement as to whether I've been compromised.

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