Friday, 7 August 2015

Wemyss Caves

I have two weeks off and nowhere to go, nothing specific to do with it. I don't tend to cope well in these situations. The last time I had two weeks off and nowhere exciting to go, I ended up booking a year's worth of adventures. This time, I thought I'd try to limit myself to two week's worth. I'm trying to reign myself in a little.

With all this free time stretching out in front of me I set to scouring the internet for things to do close to home. Over the course of the next week and a half I'll be bringing you stories about some of the things I've chosen to get up to.

First off, the internet informed me that if I took a trip to East Wemyss in Fife I could find some caves with Pictish writing in them. This sounded like the sort of thing that would be quite interesting to see so on Thursday I made my way there. Alone.

My first advice if you fancy visiting the caves is not to go alone. It was a little bit creepy to say the least and even though I tend to be quite robust I did feel a little bit nervous kicking about this eerie  place on my own. Also, there were a couple of caves that I wasn't brave enough to enter without someone to help if I got stuck. It is advised that you don't enter the caves outside of the organised tours so if you are keen to see them I'd recommend going along to one of those. Some of the caves were tricky to find on my own and also it would have been helpful to have someone pointing out the pictish writing and giving some meaning to it. You can go along to free tours on Saturdays or the open days which run on Sundays.

This was the only cave I  actually went right into. It's called the Doo cave because in the middle ages it would have held pigeons kept for meat by the Lairds. The indentations in the wall are remnants of the pigeon boxes.

The Court Cave is the first one you come to as you leave the car park, although I walked along the beach so missed it initially and only noticed it as I was walking back. There are signs everywhere to say that it is dangerous so it isn't a good idea to go inside. This is because there has already been a collapse of part of the cave. I took these photos just at the entrance and didn't venture in. See, I can be sensible sometimes.

I'm having a bit of difficulty with photographs on the blog just now because I'm not on my usual computer so I upload them through my phone. This means that I can't make them all nice and aligned with the edges of the page without making them look a little unfocused so I've sacrificed my desire for blog neatness for nice, crisp photos. It is killing me so if you know how to resolve this please help! I have plenty more photos which you can scope out on my Instagram if you're so inclined.

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  1. These are cool but a little scary! I especially love the Doo cave - how cool that you can see the indents from where the dove cages were held. I'm glad you didn't go ahead into any of the less stable caves by yourself - they do sound a little like accidents waiting to happen! It's funny how much quirky history is nearby that is so little publicised - staycations can be pretty incredible if you know where to look!


    p.s. have fun with your fortnight off - looking forward to reading all of your posts!