Friday, 12 June 2015

Some news.

I thought quite hard about how to write this post, as the numerous unfinished ones in my iPhone notes will attest to. In the end, I decided to scrap all those wordy, overdramatic ones and keep it simple.

I'm getting married.

This September will mark ten years since I met the boy who asked me to marry him so I wasn't entirely unprepared for this moment although it also wasn't something that I was totally aware of. I therefore made his life difficult for the entire holiday by unintentionally foiling his plans.

For example, Ryan's constant efforts to get me to go up some of Rome's hills at night time were constantly rejected. 'But that will interrupt dinner time!?'  I'd complain. 'Let's just do it now,'...while we're all sweaty and a little bit sunburnt from our day in the sun. Unable to really put up a fight lest I get a bit suspicious, Ryan capitulated to my demands and amended his plans.

I must have had a little subconscious awareness of what was going to happen as I granted him permission to plan the last day of activities on our holiday. This is not something that normally happens. Yes, I am the type of person who plans activities for holiday and yes, I have found someone who wishes to marry me. I'm as confused about this as everyone else.

I also wore a red dress. Red is my colour. I must have known.

It feels quite strange to be changing the nature of our relationship after so long as boyfriend and girlfriend but ten years does seem like the perfect point to begin this new, exciting chapter.

For the next little while I'll be diving into the wedding blogs. If you have any good suggestions please do fire them my way. I desperately need ideas because I have no idea where to begin.


  1. Ahh congratulations Kylie, how exciting for you both!! Good work on foiling his plans, he must have spent that holiday constantly nervous haha :)

    1. Thanks Kirsty! I know, poor boy. I was determined to make life difficult (which isn't anything new really haha) xx

  2. Ahhhh, congratulations, Kylie! That is such wonderful news! Good luck to you and your fiancé on planning your big day!


  3. Yippee!! Such fab news! Congrats Hun x