Monday, 9 February 2015

Aerial Assault Course at Edinburgh International Climbing Arena

Photograph courtesy of Edinburgh Leisure

You might have noticed me going on about something exciting that I'd been invited along to this weekend. I'm happy to report that February 2015 has had a little bit of adventure in it courtesy of the good people at Edinburgh Leisure who invited me along to the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena at Ratho to try out the updated Aerial Assault course. The course is relaunching on the 14th of February so if you're stuck for something to get that special someone for Valentine's day, now you have your answer! Roses are so overrated, honestly.

I was so excited to receive this invite. It was basically all of my favourite things rolled into one. Random activity? Check. Fannying about really high up? Check. Free? Check. See, perfect. Also, I've got a wee soft spot for the climbing centre because last year Ryan and I had a great day there learning to climb and also it's where I did the abseil for March's challenge last year. Remember? The one in which you totally mistook me for Angelina Jolie? No? Okay then.

The aerial assault course is good fun. I use the word 'fun' loosely of course. It's actually quite terrifying but if that's your bag then you're in for a treat. Clearly it is my bag, so I loved it. It's 100ft above the floor of the climbing arena which is pretty darn high and will definitely get your heart racing and your legs shaking. The other thing about being that high up is that it's not entirely conducive to getting lots of photos because (quite sensibly) you're not allowed to take your phone on the course lest you drop it. So, there are not many photos for me to share. Just this one video of me stepping off the edge to make my way over to the course. Just a bit scared. 

The assault course could be pretty tough if you go round it properly. There are lots of ladders, rope nets, climbing challenges and a zip wire. However I have a tendency to half ass things (you might have noticed) so instead what I did was sit down in the harness and swing myself around the course. No upper body DOMS for me tomorrow. I'm sensible like that you see. Also, you feel a lot safer when your entire body weight is supported by the harness. It's a nice wee reminder that you're not going to fall to a grisly death if you lose your balance. When you stand straight up and can't feel the tug of the harness, it's easy to forget that. I like being scared, but not that scared.

You have to be over 145cm tall to take part in the aerial assault course (yes, I made the cut off!!) and it's open Saturday-Sunday, booking recommended. It'll set adults back £11.90 and children £9.60 which is a pretty reasonable price for twenty minutes of absolute terror fun.

A huge thank you to Edinburgh Leisure for inviting me to take part.


  1. Ahhh, well done you for doing this! I did the aerial assault course at Xscape Braehead in Glasgow and it was absolutely one of the most terrifying things I've ever done - I don't think I've ever sweated as much in my life! Haha, TMI, but it had to be said!

    £11.90 is a great price - it's definitely an activity you'll always remember.

    There's a little part of me that is tempted about going back and doing something like this again...


    1. Ha yes, there's definitely a fine line between terror and fun and this straddles it! I've never been to the Xscape - is it good?

  2. Great video! I was the one taking pics as you were leaping off! I have some pics of you! I stayed behind to take pics (aka chickened out!!!).

    1. Oh wow! Could you send them to my email - Just whenever you get a chance. Ha I don't blame you for staying behind! It was pretty damn high! I'm not too fussed about heights but I did have a couple of moments where I was thinking 'If I fall, I'm a goner!'

  3. This sounds like so so much fun!! I'm definitely going to try to rope (heh, unintended pun) someone into doing this with me! £11.90 is pretty reasonable too for something like this.