Sunday, 9 March 2014

Challenge 3: Did you know that Lara Croft and I are the same person...

I'm not entirely sure where this habit arose from, but every time I'm up somewhere high I look down and wonder whether I'd survive a jump from that height. It's not that I have suicidal tendencies. Rather, I think it's some kind of repressed urge to be a Lara Croft style action woman, jumping from buildings without a care, landing like a ninja and then proceeding to chase criminals and other such exciting activities.

Lara Croft or Kylie Barclay?

Somehow over time, this has morphed into a genuine fear that I might forget (as if I ever could), that I am not actually Lara Croft and might suddenly, without thinking, throw myself from a height assuming that I'll land like a ninja the next floor down. So somehow, through imagining myself to be capable of such heroic feats, I've actually come to be scared of heights lest I get a little over ambitious one time I'm up four flights. My head is a tiring place to be.

Anyway, this month's challenge was to do an abseil which I did at the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena at Ratho. My first thought upon looking down the height from which I was about to suspend myself was that, no, I probably would not survive jumping from this height.

Most definitely not surviving this.

I put on my harness and my hard hat in preparation for the abseil and I'll just say what you all are thinking...'is that actually in fact Angelina Jolie in a bright orange hard hat?'

So anyway, looking pretty fabulous and stylish I made my way to the point from which I needed to abseil. I totally had this, no problem. Not nervous at all.

Genuine terror

I confidently made my way over to the instructor who gave me a quick run through of how to feed the rope through my hands and then persuaded me to step over the edge. Nonchalantly I asked him 'Erm, I don't feel like I have any strength in my arms to hold on to the rope. Does this mean I'm going to fall down really fast and splatter all over the ground?' He reassured me that he had a second rope so he'd be supporting me also and that no, I wasn't likely to go splat. Good stuff. I'm sure Lara has the same reservations. Only sensible really.

Anyway, there's not much else to say. It was over pretty quickly (that's what she said), and it wasn't as terrifying as I thought it would be. Sadly I didn't manage to land like an action hero because the rope was too heavy for my weak ass frame and instead I stumbled around like an old lady after a few glasses of sherry, managing in the process to just about take out the fence beside me. I think Lara's job is safe.

Nailed it!!

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